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The Benthic Zone ROX!!
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Name Deep-Sea Anglerfish
Skin thin, can slip off bodies when touched by human hands
Diet Carnivore
Depth up to 1 mile below surface
Length 8 in - 3.3 feet
Weight up to 110 pounds
Scientific Name Lophius Piscatorius
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tripod fish
Name Tripod Fish
Reproduction have male and female sex organs, reproduce sexually and asexually
Diet copepods and other small planktonic crustaceans
Senses small eyes, use vibrations to find food
Length up to about 12 inches
Scientific Name Bathypterois Grallator
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Name Squid
Maximum Size 43 ft (female), 33 ft (male)
Body Parts 1 mantle, 8 arms, 2 longer tentacles
Eat fish, other squid species
Scientific Name Doryteuthis Plei (arrow squid)

Sea Pen
Name Sea Pen
Size around 2 feet
Phylum Cnidaria
Diet plankton
Predators red star, leather star, and 3 types of nudibranchs
Scientific Name Ptilosarcus Gurneyi

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Name Protozoan
Cells one-celled organisms
Kingdom Protozoa
Symmetry asymmetrical
Reproduction binary fission
Scientific Name Proteus Animalcule (amoeba)

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Christmas Tree Worm

Name Christmas Tree Worm
Diet plankton
Size a little over 1 inch
Colors orange, yellow, blue, and white
Habitat coral reefs worldwide
Scientific Name Spirobranchus Giganteus

photo by Tim Sheerman-Chase on flickr

Plants and Fungi

Name Seagrass
Grows mostly around Florida
Appearance long, narrow leaves, often green
Leaves slow water currant
Roots and Rhizomes stabilize seabed
Scientific Name Zostera Capricorni

photo by Stephen Childs on flickr

Name Phytoplankton
Predators small fish and some whales
Marine Plants 90% of marine plants are phytoplankton
Area in food Chain bottom
Made Of mostly diatoms and dinoflagellates
Scientific Name Cylindrospermopsis Raciborskii

photo by Remus Shepherd on flickr

Name Bacteria
Cells single-celled
Reproduction mostly asexual
Shapes bacilli, cocci, spirilla
Scientific Name Leptospira Interrogans Sensu Lato

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Name Fungi (mushroom)
Parts stem, cap, gills
Size varies
Types over 70,000
Scientific Name Coprinus Comatus

photo by David Wilmot on flickr

Name Zooplankton
Eat other plankton
Length less then 1 cm
Size microscopic
Scientific Name Acartia Tonsa

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Conservation Issues

Problems Solutions
Over fishing
over fishing

photo by Mr. T in DC on flickr
  • set fishing limits
  • create NO FISHING zones
Oil Spillsphoto by phatpat on flickr

photo by Phatpat on flickr
  • floating barrier
  • help clean up oil
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic six-pack rings
  • balloons
  • recycle
  • pick up garbage


Benthic Zone - Biome Wiki
photo by World Ressources Instituete

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Abiotic Facts
Depth 6,560 feet to bottom
Temperature 40 degrees Fahrenheit
Thermal Vents Vents on the ocean floor that spill out hot water

5 Zones of the Benthic Zone
Interdial Zone closest to the shore
Sublittoral Zone water pressure changes
Bathyal Zone edge of continental shelf
Abyssal Zone Little Life
Hadal Zone Deepest Part

Food Web

Benthic Zone - Biome Wiki

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  1. What is the Christmas Tree Worm's scientific name?
  2. What zone is the deepest part?
  3. What is the average temperature in this zone?
  4. T/F Oil Spill are not a problem in the benthic zone.
  5. The interdial zone is _______ to the shore.
  6. What does benthic mean? For help go here.
  7. T/F Whales are in the benthic zone?
  8. Sharks eat _____,_____, and _____.
  9. What plant is the bottom of food chain?
  10. How big is Zooplankton?

  1. Giganteus
  2. Hadal Zone
  3. 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. False
  5. closest
  6. on the bottom of a body of water
  7. False because it wouldn't be able to live in that depth.
  8. Octopus, Whales, and Dolphins
  9. Phytoplankton
  10. less than 1 cm

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